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User Info: refan2010

7 years ago#1
how od u get lots of boyfriend and girlfriend, my sims is a teen and she is in love with 2 sims and has 1 boyfriend but i cant get it where she can have more than one. is there a way or is it only for adults


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User Info: Humpa

7 years ago#2
just gotta play it hard and be a pimp

it helps if they have flirty trait, schoomzer, charistmatic, and etc.

i played one of the pre-made sims and made him have lik 5 GF's at the sametime
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User Info: GnatB

7 years ago#3
you can only have 1 boyfriend/girlfriend (or better) at a time regardless of age. Which doesn't mean you can't be a two (or 10, or whatever) timer, just that only one of them will technically be your SO. Rest will, I guess, be friends with benefits.
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