Trying to populate my town! (Help?)

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6 years ago#1

Okay so I create a few family, added some houses to the empty lots and now I can't move the families in because All they got is 20-25k, I tried the familyFunds code but I can't get it to work, how am I supposed to add new families if they are all broke?

btw I tried...

familyFunds Test 60000

familyFunds [Test] 60000

any help?

6 years ago#2
pick a cheaper house or an empty lot
6 years ago#3
Start them off in cheaper houses? I always am able to make a starter house on an empty lot in the
12-17k range. Just give them a basic box with a room or two, stove, toilet, shower, bed, couch and
basics, and don't get so carried away making the houses too fancy.

I'm not sure on how the cheat codes work, I always enjoy the rags-to-riches journey myself so only
use codes for stuck sims.
6 years ago#4
You might be able to place them in a small house or empty lot, use the cheat code that automatically gives 50,000 simoleons (Motherlode or Kaching or something, it's in the Cheats list) then have them visit the newspaper or a computer and choose MOVE so they move into the house you had built for them.
6 years ago#5

Put them in a cheaper lot, cheat them until they're rich, then move them into the expensive one.

6 years ago#6
cheat motherlode gives you 50k and it works.
6 years ago#7
freerealestate seems to be the closest cheat this time, but you have to already have enough money for the house. So like they said, start in small house and motherlode. Use an empty lot or a furnished one, since you can leave everything in the house when moving out.
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  3. Trying to populate my town! (Help?)

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