Family Funds Cheat?

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7 years ago#1
I can't get it to work. I don't know if I'm typing it wrong or something.
7 years ago#2
It would help to tell us what you're typing...
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7 years ago#3
First I did : familyfunds Williams 50000

Then I tried a whole bunch of other random ways
7 years ago#4
did you put in the < and the > around the family name and money amount?
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7 years ago#5
also it's familyFunds, not familyfunds.(dunno if that matters i've never used this cheat)
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7 years ago#6
Why don't you cheat the old fashioned way and use motherlode?
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7 years ago#7
Try typing motherlode
7 years ago#8
Ashai wants to get the funds before she moves them in, presumably she wants to start in a posh house. I don't think motherlode does that.
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7 years ago#9
Ugh, I found out what I had to do lol

At first I downloaded a new residential lot. I created a family and I wanted to move them in but the house costed too much. So like the Sims 2.. o.O... I did the Family funds cheat while they were in the bin. They never recieved the money. ><

Now, I guess in the Sims 3, You have to move them into a low priced residential lot. Type the familyfunds cheat, then evict them, then move them somewhere else.

So the original way is still

familyfunds Williams 100000

No symbols like: < or >
7 years ago#10

Ya know I tried doing that to get another family I'd created into the home I wanted to, but when I evicted them after using the cheat, they went back to having the default 30,000...

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