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6 years ago#1
NOTE: All "Bugs/Glitches with Answers" that have a + (Plus) sign in front of them means that they are answers provided by me through basic and common sense information. They have a low chance of working, but are an attempt at fixing the problem. If any do or do not work, please post about it. Thank You.



Bugs/Glitches with No Answers

-Furniture Turning Invisible at certain points
-Custom Music/Certain music not working in some areas, not working at all, or suddenly stops working
-No Possible actions to interact with books (For select games)
-Automatic Resolution Display Change (Reverts to previous setting when pressing "OK")
-Cant Call on Phone; Flash/Teleport
-Riverview and Sunset Valley - Sims are not loading properly, are invisible
-After Cleaning Household, Sim cannot plant Cheese and Eggs
-Sim "Weight" not working properly; Looks the same as the default.

Bugs/Glitches with Answers

Installation Failures, including invalid files and CRC errors
COMMON SENSE FIX - There have been quite a few of these. Most likely, it's the copy that you have been given (If it's digital). If not digital, it may possibly go up to being you don't have the proper hardware or the system requirements.

Game is Unauthorized (When trying to play game)
FIX 1 - Delete your browser cache. If you have multiple browsers, you may want to use a program such as CCleaner to clean them all out at once

Possible Fix 1 - Uninstall the game, remove all directories, and delete all Sims 3 Keys from Registrys. To do this, Start > Run > REGEDIT. Look under HKEY_Local_Machine and HKEY_Current_User. It should be located under Software > Electronic Arts > Sims (3)

Bubble is stuck above sim
- Restart Game

Story Progression cannot be turned off (Plus several other glitches, including the "one parent" glitch)
MULTIPLE GLITCH FIX PATCH- http://www.moreawesomethanyou.com/smf/index.php/topic,15185.0.html

1) Find your game executable. It should be here: C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin
2) Create a shortcut on your desktop to the TS3.exe.
3) Right-Click on the shortcut and choose "Properties"
4) In the top line "Target" go to the end of the line and add this tag -disablestoryprogression
5) From this point on you will need to run your game from this shortcut and NOT through your launcher.

Trees not rendering on certain ATI cards.
- Adaptive Anti-Aliasing is the reason for your trees not rendering. Remove Adaptive Anti-Aliasing for trees to render properly.

Voice Pitches not working (for select games)
- In Sound Options, turn Sound Quality from "Low" to "Medium" or "High".

Game crash when going to Gym
POSSIBLE FIX 1 - Wait a while before going back; Buy your own equipment so you don't have to go.

Objects repaired still sound broken
- Restart Game

Babies (Toddlers) Get stuck; Adults Get Stuck; Cannot move
POSSIBLE FIX- Use the "RESET SIM" cheat to fix (ResetSim <Firstname> <Lastname>))
6 years ago#2
-Neighbors stuck at house; never leave
POSSIBLE FIX 1 - Use the "RESET SIM" cheat to fix (ResetSIM <Firstname> <Lastname>)

EA Launcher has odd letters; images not showing
- Check for Video Card updates, make sure your Video Card is compatible with the game, and make sure your computer has the proper list of fonts. If the font is not available on your machine, you'll get squares as text.

Mouse Cursor Dissapears
- If saving is not a concern, then CTRL-ALT-DELETE to get to Task Manager, go to the tab "Processes", search for TS3.exe, click it once, and click the end process button.

Video Options Reset
You'll have them Revert them back manually

Sims who were in Burglar career during another sims raid cannot go to work, but rather stay outside the building all day.
POSSIBLE FIX 1- Delete the criminal building, and then rebuild it.

Unable to access select items (Chair, Desk, etc.) after placing in Family Inventory, and then taking out.
- Put the Items back in the inventory AGAIN, and then take them out AGAIN. It should fix the problem.

EA Launcher not working
- Hardware Problem. Make sure all your hardware is compatible, and you have all of the latest drivers.

+ Throwing Away old Food causes crash (From Fridge)
POSSIBLE FIX - Reboot the game. If this still causes a crash, try selling the fridge and getting a new one.

+ No Sound coming out of Guitar, Radio.
POSSIBLE FIX - Reboot, possibly the whole computer. If this does not work, try tweaking the sound options and checking the music selection list in the Options menu to make sure everything is A-OK. This is unlikely to work, but there's a chance.

+ Ranked Chess Logic Opponent cannot be invited over (Says busy, when checking, actually isn't. Stays this way)
POSSIBLE FIX - Restart the game. If this does not solve it immediatly, try switching families and interacting with your chess opponent. Then, revert back to your regular family. Since the neighborhood is seamless, this may fix the problem.

+ Toddler and Teacher get stuck in "Learning to walk" animation
POSSIBLE FIX - Attempt the "ResetSIM" cheat. If this does not work, switch families, and play for about 1 hour game time. Go back to your original family, and see if anything progressed (This may only have a chance of working if Story Progression is ON)

+ Custom Music/Certain music not working in some areas, not working at all, or suddenly stops working
POSSIBLE FIX - Restart the Game, maybe even the computer. Make sure all of your Custom Music is the correct format, and can be played in the Sims.

Cannot put book away in bookshelf (Error: Object blocking the way)
- Bookshelf is full. Each bookshelf can only have a select number of books.

Bald Sims
-HARDWARE Issue. Refer to help guides, and make sure your video card is compatible. If so, tune down some of the graphic settings.
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6 years ago#3
Bugs/Glitches with No Possible Answers; Just Glitches

-Taking Taxi instead of Car
-"Steal Baby" on Accident
-Roofing Glitch (Remove auto-roof, create a room. Now roof it with a nice tall roof. After that, remove the room and you get a UFO.)
-Gray Fumes for smell instead of Green fumes.
-Wire House with Speakers - Custom Music doesn't work.
-Grim Reaper does own thing after killing SIM; watches TV, swims, etc.
-Burglar does own thing while robbing house; watches TV, swims, etc
-Cop doesn't notice Burglar; burglar gets away.
-After "Raid Criminals" in Law Enforcement career, you cannot become a Burglar/Robber.
-Clothing Error when adjusting Fatness; Overlap (for select games)
-Toddler stretches to adult formation at some points; mostly seen while toddler watches Sim play game, watch TV.
-Sim is learning a skillset for the entire day, despite canceling action already

TintedSun for telling about the AWESOMEMOD
Jon Ace
Overlord Hikash
Everyone who Submitted Glitches/Bugs. Thanks! ;)
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(message deleted)
6 years ago#5
THANK YOU EVERYONE! It was maybe a week process, but we FINALLY nailed a majority of the glitches and bugs. Until a patch is released, I hope this may be able to help an extremely large amount of people. Hopefully, it'll also reduce the problem topics and let the people talk about the game.

Again, Thank You, and I hope all of your problems get fixed in the near future ;). Also, this topic may not actually be FINAL. I will gladly update a small amount of things as we go, and possibly make another topic. This just means I'm not going to do it everyday, and as frequently.

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6 years ago#6

i have a glitch where sometimes messages that pop up or events that give you options dont show up (for example say a job opportunity), it just pauses the game until i press esc or enter.....so

6 years ago#7

one little bug i noticed is if you have an adult sim teach a child sim how to cook, they can prepare meals f

6 years ago#8

Stupid Gamespot forums lagged while i was typing to load the UI and then submitted it.. sorry for double post, but continueing:

One bug i noticed is, if you have an adult sim teach a child how to cook, the Child can prepare meals from the fridge.. When the child takes the food out of the fridge and while they are cutting the food (on the counter) their body is stretched, it looks very wierd i have some pictures of it.. But, they can't use the stove because they are kids, so essentially they can never finish cooking the meal..

6 years ago#9
Bald Sims
-HARDWARE Issue. Refer to help guides, and make sure your video card is compatible. If so, tune down some of the graphic settings.

If by bald, you mean transparent hair, setting AA to Off, than back to on fixed it for me permanently, but sometimes it goes back to transparent hair. Only on the sim face that appears when you click somewhere.
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6 years ago#10
oh good i'm not too late then to add one more (possibly)

I've noticed a huge crowd of sims right outside the grocery store "mourning" over a dead Sim. This didn't seem odd till he was still there a week later with (as far as I can tell) the same crowd. I'm not sure of the grim reaper is supposed to get him or what but it's slightly annoying b/c when my sims come out of the store sometimes they get pulled in and stand there doing nothing (says mourning but there is no animation), or when they want to get home their pathing is obscured and they stand there for a long time before moving (not complaining about anything blocking their way either). Just wondering if this is really a glitch or suppose to happen, or if anyone else has run into it?

Oh and don't know if it means anything but the "dead" sim isn't a ghost, and he is floating there with his wife next to him being the only one actually mourning.
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