Posted: 6/11/2009 8:48:02 AM
You might be thinking of another glitch. I've done that Cheat many times on Sims 1 and two with out issues.

I want to Delete the Table because it has a day old pizza Glitched INSIDE of it. I can not be seen. I move the cursor over it and there are no, "Remove items" available. When I try to clean the table with my Sim, "No interactions available."
When I try to delete/sell it, "This Object cannot be sold because it contains other Objects" The Table is a " 'Table de Bistro' by Bourgeois Creations"
Moving the Table is not a problem. This Pizza is an Item that "No-clipped" its way inside my table. The "moveObjects on" Cheat is not removing the Pizza from the inside of the table.

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