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7 years ago#21
You might be thinking of another glitch. I've done that Cheat many times on Sims 1 and two with out issues.

I want to Delete the Table because it has a day old pizza Glitched INSIDE of it. I can not be seen. I move the cursor over it and there are no, "Remove items" available. When I try to clean the table with my Sim, "No interactions available."
When I try to delete/sell it, "This Object cannot be sold because it contains other Objects" The Table is a " 'Table de Bistro' by Bourgeois Creations"
Moving the Table is not a problem. This Pizza is an Item that "No-clipped" its way inside my table. The "moveObjects on" Cheat is not removing the Pizza from the inside of the table.
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7 years ago#22
Before the Question is asked; Yes, i rebooted the game. It is still not fixed. Is there anyone that has dealt with this problem that can help me out, or is this one of those things that Maxis and EA are going to have to send a patch for?
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PSN: Vesperascit
7 years ago#23
+ Throwing Away old Food causes crash (From Fridge)
POSSIBLE FIX - Reboot the game. If this still causes a crash, try selling the fridge and getting a new one.

-- I've run into this problem myself. In fact I still can't play because of it. It's very annoying, but I've searched online for fixes for this problem and I've also tried doing the 'Possible Fix' listed above.

When the game is rebooted, and you try to clean the fridge, the game still freezes/crashes.

When you sell the fridge and get a new one, the 'old food' and the subsequent green stinky fog magically appear inside the new fridge and further attempts to clean the new fridge continue to cause the freeze/crash.
7 years ago#24
Also, I forgot to add... many people on many different sites have reported the exact same issue with the bad food and their results with rebooting, and selling re-buying the fridge are all the same as my own. So... there seems to be no easy fix for this bug.
7 years ago#25
New bug: I had a sim who was married to another, and wanted his wife to be a ghost. Fine. When she died, her status changed from married to fiancee, and no matter what I did I couldn't get the option to get married to pop up again.

Eventually resolved by having them break up and go through the whole going steady -> propose -> get married sequence again.
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7 years ago#26
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
7 years ago#27
Alright, seeing as everyone has discovered a whole new variety of bugs/glitches - and decided to report them in the FINAL topic instead of the previous 6, I guess I'll have to make another one xD.

I'll update another topic after this topic reaches 50. I feel that putting up bugs/glitches every day is too straining.
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7 years ago#28
bump, keep suggestin' people. You owe me >.<
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7 years ago#29
This may or may not be a bug, but I've got a problem with Queuing a Sim to cook food (single meal, low hunger), then queuing other activities before they start to actually cook - They'll make the food then without eating it immediately move onto the next queued task, typically complaining about being hungry. Was playing Sims 2 up until 3 came out & never had a problem queuing "Cook Meal, Use Toilet, Have Shower" - they'd cook, eat, poop, shower as intended - But not in this sequel. Bothers me completely because I play an obsessive micro managing style & not being able to queue a whole days worth of task from rise to retire isn't how I play sims.
7 years ago#30
^Perhaps, if they have the "Absent-Minded" trait they'll do something like this. But, if not, then yes, it's most likely a glitch.
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