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User Info: sarenjean

7 years ago#1
My teen sims' boyfriend has 'babysitter" listed as his career. How/where do you get this job?
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User Info: MadCat2400

7 years ago#2
The newspaper is where I found it the first time.
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User Info: the_game_fan

7 years ago#3
My best guess is an upcoming expansion. This is also likely the case with maid, fireman, burglar, and a few others.

User Info: Mbaqanga

7 years ago#4
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: theRunaway

7 years ago#5
Or, maybe, he's a special NPC. Yeah, that's probably it.

User Info: opfer_gv

7 years ago#6
or part-time job that we haven't seen before..
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User Info: SunDish9214

7 years ago#7
Or the boyfriend is- *Spoiler Alert*

The NPC babysitter you find under "services"?
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User Info: sarenjean

7 years ago#8
The boyfriend is a sim I created especially for the girl. I placed him and the rest of his family in my neighborhood so that I could breed beautiful sims.
"I am bi-gal, and I am right!" --bigalthesixth
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