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7 years ago#1

So I heard there were hidden traits and I've been trying to get them but I just can't. I've had 4 babies from different sims already LOL i know, my sim'sa ho but non of them gave my babies hidden traits. There was a fire fighter, police officer, pizza delivery guy and maid. Do they have to live in my household for me to get the hidden traits? and how do they exactly get it when you can choose the traits for the babies when they are born? Can someone that knows something about this explain to me please. Thanks.

7 years ago#2
You can choose to NOT choose any traits for them. I've never succeed with this [haven't tried to either though] but I wouldn't only assume that they would have to be around for the child to obtain that trait.
7 years ago#3
would assume* wow, sorry.
7 years ago#4
I've heard that there is a "chance" or getting these hidden traits. Just so you know, the traits wont show up on screen (hence, "hidden" traits).
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7 years ago#5

SunDish9214 posted...
I've heard that there is a "chance" or getting these hidden traits. Just so you know, the traits wont show up on screen (hence, "hidden" traits).

Did u get a hidden trait yourself? I believe it called "hidden trait" because you can't choose it and it's only given to an offspring of a sim who works on a particular job. I think it will show up if you've got it. Or else how do you know you've got it? I read someone said they got a Pyromaniac trait and was asking how to use it. If it's "hidden" as you say it is, how did they know this is the trait they got?

7 years ago#6
Hidden traits don't don't pop up to ask for selection or appear anywhere that the normal traits do, they are just kinda' there. There's no way to to tell if your sim has them except to test for them specifically. Your sim probably has a few of them now unless you have phenomenally bad luck, but just in case.

To test for Pyromaniac (Child of a Firefighter), when they reach teen or older, click on them and there should be a command along the lines of "Set something nearby on Fire". It's not a real fire mind you and wouldn't actually burn anything down, although it can occasionally set the Pyromaniac on fire for a +50 Moodlet for an hour till they cook to death. They also get a huge boost from the Cozy Fire Moodlet capping out at +50 in some cases.

Immune to Fire (Child of a Firefighter) is pretty self explanatory to test... too bad it's surprisingly hard to set your sims on fire in this game. Sims supposedly can get one or the other between this and Pyromaniac but it might be possible to get both within two generations of firefighter breeding... although I have yet to do this personally. I always seem to get Pyromaniac and not Fire Immunity.

Pizza Appreciator: (Child of Pizza Delivery Person): Sims should get a big Amazing Meal moodlet when they eat pizza instead of the regular Good Meal one.

With Clean (Child of a Maid), just have them make countless meals one after another, if they have the trait, there should never be a mess on the counters.

Rocker (Child of a Rockstar presumably), the most unknown of the Hidden traits that can only be gotten by selective breeding, albeit not NPC required... supposedly it helps sims excel in the Music path, but I know of no current way to test it yet.

Salute (Child of Military Sim): Can be gotten from working in the Military and passed on. Even children can do it, so it's easy to test. Unlike most other interactions, sims never get bored of a Salute and it is a super fast interaction to pull off. Just click on another sim and it should be both a greeting type and a Friendly type interaction.

Arrest Burglar (Child of Police Sim, NPC or otherwise): Hard to test in regular play since burglars are pretty rare. Can also be gotten from just being at a certain level in Law Enforcement, so I've heard.

Sneak: (Child of Burglar or a sim in the Thief branch of the Criminal Career): Sims can sneak. Only available to adults so you'll have to wait for your kiddies to grow up to make sure. Just click on any blank ground and it should be an available walking command.

With the exception of Fire Immunity and Pyromaniac which I still have yet to get both onto a single sim, it is entirely possible for a sim to have all Hidden Traits. If any one has gotten a sim with both Pyromaniac and Fire Immunity though, I'd love to know. I've been trying to get a "Perfect" sim. Ability wise, she's amazing... appearance wise... imagine what a family tree consisting entirely of the Village People would look like and you see my problem.

Unfortunately, if you pack them up and move them to a new neighborhood, they loose said traits and their family tree gets the chainsaw as far as I know. If this wasn't the case, someone probably could upload a sim with all of the Hidden Traits for um... "breeding" purposes.
7 years ago#7

Thanks I guess I'll just have to wait and see if I got them grrr...

7 years ago#8
If your sim is too young to exhibit the Hidden Traits yet, it doesn't hurt to "accelerate" your game by making an alternate save of your neighborhood and buying Inferno Birthday cakes in wholesale from the Grocery Store. You can force grow your sim a stage once day using them so you can preview what they will be as adults very quickly to make sure they have the traits, then nuke the alternate save and continue playing your original as normal.
7 years ago#9
i read somewhere that the sneaking hidden trait allows you to sneak into a house through its window
cant think of one right now <_<
7 years ago#10
Not sure about the window thing, but my sim with the Sneak trait can freely enter homes without being invited in (It shows the inside of the house whenever you get close enough to it automatically). I'll definitely have to try out to see if you can also sneak through windows as well! ^_^
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