How to build half walls?

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6 years ago#1
I noticed that when you place staircases you get walls with them that vary in size. I was wondering if there is any way to do this normally.

6 years ago#2
Those half walls are the foundations. On build mode, if you click on the foundation of the house of the menu, you'll get the options for types of foundations. :)
6 years ago#3
Those aren't foundations as they drop down just like any normal wall when cutaway and walls down are selected. I can build a door that leads inside of the staircase (Which is what I'm trying to do I just need a half wall to back the sink).
6 years ago#4
There are no half walls in this game.
6 years ago#5
They will, like look at the sims 2, they have half walls, so I bet this one will too, lol
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6 years ago#6
its a complicated process that involves "constrainfloorelevation false" and some serious planning ahead.

i think there's a tutorial on modthesims
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6 years ago#7
Build a wall. Next to it dig down four clicks and build a parallel wall. Then CTRL+SHIFT+C and type in constrainFloorElevation false. Select the level terrain tool and place it on top of the lower wall. Drag from that wall to the higher wall and notice it cut itself down.

constrainFloorElevation true

when you are done.
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