How can I make the game run faster?

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7 years ago#1
I got TS3 recently, and I have a pretty good computer, as far as I know. However, TS3 runs very, very slow on my computer and sometimes crashes. One second of game time is about five seconds of real time. Any idea what's causing this? This didn't happen as often on The Sims 2...
(If I need to tell you my graphics card/RAM/etc., please inform me as to where to find the information. I suck at computers, sorry.)
7 years ago#2
Sorry for the double post, but I also wanted to say that I already have all of the graphics settings at minimum.
7 years ago#3
Start > Run > DXDIAG
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7 years ago#4
Thanks, but ARG! Mygraphics card is GeForce 5200, and the TS3 box says it needs 5900 or greater..... I guess that solves my problem. But then, how was I able to run it in the first place?..
7 years ago#5
And here I was wondering why the game looked so crappy... *sigh* I guess I just wasted $50 then, because there's no way in hell I'll be able to get a new graphics card.
7 years ago#6
7 years ago#7
Not sure what you're asking for, but my graphics card is Nvidia GeForce FX 5200, I have 510 MB RAM(that may be the problem, as well), and I'm not sure where to see what my CPU is.
7 years ago#8
You really need to get a new PC or upgrade your old one badly.
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7 years ago#9
most modern computers have at least 2 gigs of ram... odds are you have a P4 or Pent' D as your proccy.
your comp isn't good. at all.
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7 years ago#10
That's what I thought. At first I was reassured, it's relatively new, only about five years old. I guess I'm screwed, though. I'm not even out of the house yet, so I'm miles away from being able to afford any computer parts, let alone a whole new one... My hard drive recently crashed and we were going to get a new computer, but everyone in my house is a cheapskate so they ended up getting only a new hard drive and sending the computer back when we got it. Crap, that makes me mad... See, this is why I hate PC gaming.
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