Where do i buy sprinklers?

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User Info: stephen45003

7 years ago#1
Probably a stupid question but where do i buy sprinklers? I can't find them.
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User Info: HellSpirit

7 years ago#2
Buy Mode>Sort By Function>Appliances>Miscellaneous Appliances.

User Info: SharperKnives

7 years ago#3
home depot

or maybe home despot
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User Info: the_game_fan

7 years ago#4
I prefer Lowe's, but Wal-Mart is cheapest..
Seriously, look under outdoor activities in the buy mode.

User Info: angel0886

7 years ago#5
You do know that the answer to this question is in the other thread on sprinklers....which is like 8 below this one.... right?
I am a sarcastic woman by nature. So sue me. :p
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  3. Where do i buy sprinklers?

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