Is the RVX2K Teleporter worth it?

#1NeninaPosted 8/3/2009 1:07:36 PM
Is the RVX2K Teleporter worth it?

1. Will sims link it into their routine to use it to automatically go to work?
2. Can the maid and repairperson use the teleporter to get into an otherwise unreachable area?
3. Can a burglar use it to get into such a house and steal things?
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Could you possibly tell me where i could get the teleporter? Is it in the sims 3 store?

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You buy it with your lifetime wish points.... and to answer your questions no. But it's still neat and convient when your running late for work.
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Thanks. I guess i have over looked that.

#5Nenina(Topic Creator)Posted 8/9/2009 1:40:55 PM
Thank you all! To complete the topic, this is what I've found about teleport-enter-only type houses:

Other NPC's do NOT know how to use the teleporter to get into the house. This means no parties, no pizza, and no visitors. The maid and repairperson will stamp their feet, but after a set amout of time on the clock their actions ( such as cleaning counters or repairing computers ) will magically be done for them and they will take their pay and go on their way. The lot garbage can will have to be moved inside the house so that sims can 'take out the trash' and trash compactors will have to be placed outside so that your sims can recycle the newspaper. Of course, they will have to be told to teleport outside in order to get to the newspaper. Whenever the trash compactors get full of newspapers the player will have to sell them and buy new ones. Working sims cannot automatically reach the carpool but can teleport to work manually. Since there is no teleporter at work they will take a taxi home, and because they do not queue the teleporter they will have to be manually told to teleport back inside the house. I don't know if the fireperson can get into such a place, but I know that the social worker can teleport at will to get to neglected children.

That is all.
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You'll just end up at some random location if you fail.
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A: Teleporters are faster than even the fastest cars. Get to work anywhere in 5 minutes.

B: Teleporters can take you to out-of-the-way places in an instant. ie: That lake behind the stadium or the second floor of the library.

C: Put a Teleporter right across from your mailbox. One Sim can clear the map of Rocks or Insects in less than a day. Two or more Sims could probably do Seeds.

D: Install "Never Break", then install "Perfect Teleportation" over that, then start to install "Never Break" again but stop after 1%. Glitched, you get both upgrades at once.

E: Also if you wanted a 100% upgrade score, you need to do "Perfect Teleportation" upgrade.

F: If you like to throw parties or having guests over, you should still have a front door. Teleporter is a vehicle-replacement, not really an entrance-exit.