how do i get my car out of inventory?

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7 years ago#1
one of my female sims has the family car in her inventory (somehow). and i cant figure out how to get it out and back on the lot.
7 years ago#2
Make sure you have the parking space item, grab the car, and put it there. Also, make sure that she isn't assigned possession of the car, or it'll keep going back in her inventory.
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7 years ago#3
ah thnx. while were on the topic of inventory, can someone tell me how to put items into my sims inventory? i got an importunity to repair this guys stereo and after i took it out and repaired it i cant figure how to put it back in my inventory so i can give it back.
7 years ago#4
Ok, so first you open up the Inventory Tab, the one with the Backpack. Then just drag the stereo into the tab, and you're done!
7 years ago#5
no that dosnt work. that was like the first thing i tried.
7 years ago#6
The stereo goes in the "Family Inventory" in buy mode, not the sim inventory.
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  3. how do i get my car out of inventory?

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