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7 years ago#1
SO... With A.I. set to high, and aging set to epic, it occurs to me that I can rake in massive cash with my lvl 10 couples. The obvious problem is the various messages that pop up and pause the game. Phone calls, bills past due(if that even pauses it) oppotunities, etc. etc.

My question is, is there anyway to make the game to where you can AFK for long periods of time?
7 years ago#2
Why would you leave your game on overnight your wasting electricty.
7 years ago#3

The OP answered that question in his opening post...

My cousin actually left his Sims there for like an hour since we went to dinner and when we returned we found that we got a bunch more money. :3

It was cool.

7 years ago#4
I appreciate the effort on the above two posts, but neither of you even came close to answering my question. lol....

I realize the money I COULD make, my question is in how to do it, because the game doesn't seem to allow it with all of the "auto-pause" things that happen. Is there a mod, or a loophole around this?
7 years ago#5
I don't think so.It maybe is.
7 years ago#6
No. I saw a mod that disables Opportunities so that you can prompt them manually, but I dunno about other pause situations.
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7 years ago#7
Why would you ever need to even leave the sims on overnight? its not as if its hard to make cash really fast and easily in the time you play without using cheats...
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7 years ago#8
Yeah, and plus leaving a process like TS3 on overnight... that'd heat up your computer like a mother****er, I'm guessing.
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Please take your hands off your ears and actually read what I'm saying.
7 years ago#9
Wouldn't have to worry about overheating at all, but thank you for the concern:)

And I'm more than aware of how easy it is to make money just by playing the game normally, if that were my problem, I would have said so in the OP.

Anyway... at least one person in this thread was capable of offering some sort of an answer, and for that, I'm grateful.

7 years ago#10
well WA comes with the no bills lifetime reward and i think silencing your phones stops oppurtunities also just get a hard to complete work oppurtunity and dont finish it to stop work ones
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