So my sim just got killed by a meteor.

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6 years ago#1
I was playing as the Goth family and as Gunther was walking down the street by Hogan's Diner this message pops up saying Gunther wonders why it suddenly got so dark..." then he and all the other sims in the area start looking up and freaking out, then BAM! Meteor falls out of the sky squishing him and making all the other sims in the area look like they were just in an explosion. Here are the screen shots. Has anyone else had this happen to them yet?
6 years ago#2
wow that rare i have yet to experience a meteor shower i wonder what increases the chances of that
6 years ago#3
I saw that happen once but I made my character go home to avoid whatever was coming. Then I made 3,500 for selling the fallen rock afterwards :P
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6 years ago#4
I never had meteors that I know of in my game but now I think I once had one and didn't know it.

Once my sim was at work and I was controlling some sims at home and I got a message like that about it getting dark. I tried to switch to him to see what it was but the game crashed.
6 years ago#5
It only happens in Ambitions. I remember my guy dying by satellite in the Sims 2. It was sad =(
6 years ago#6
It's actually in the base game. I've triggered it by looking through the telescope; I ran there and grabbed it and kept it just for collecting purposes; It was huge and weighed quite a bit, but my Sim had no problem carrying it around with all the other junk they keep in their inventory. =P Never been hit by the meteor with one of my controlled Sims, but the meteor landed right in the city, and made a big mess, so it probably did kill some sims (The grim reaper was done by the time I got there, if it killed anyone).
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  3. So my sim just got killed by a meteor.

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