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6 years ago#1
Hey, I've been trying to use the Familyfunds cheat for ages now and type it as:

Familyfunds family name 1000000

Each time I do this, it closes the cheat window, but no money is added to my funds. Anyone got any ideas? Thank you! :D
6 years ago#2
Ah no worries I've sorted it now :D
6 years ago#3
What did you do to fix it? Whenever I use the Familyfunds cheat, it says "Unknown Command: familyfunds"

I moved a family I created into the house next door to mine, only to realise they had next to no money left. So I though I could use the cheat to give them some, but it's not working
6 years ago#4
:D Well I put the Testingcheatsenabled cheat on before logging in, if it makes a difference, but my family is a one guy family called Jack Twilight, so i display it as:

Familyfunds Twilight 1000000

And it works! Let me know it if works :) x
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