There should be a Stand Up Comedian Career

#1CoffeeNinjaB8Posted 6/13/2011 5:51:22 PM
Could be kinda fun, and would give more to the "Good Sense Of Humor" trait.

I suppose Creative would also help, and like the stats you need to improve would probably be Charisma and Writing (as in writing better jokes).

Just a thought that passed through my fantastical brain.
#2wanderzPosted 6/13/2011 7:24:48 PM
you could probably design one with twallan's career mod.

it's not exactly user friendly for the non techie, you have to edit text files (i think xml files) but it can be done.. of course it would probably have to be a rabbit hole career and not one where your sim stands in front of a crowd.

or maybe it could be worked similar to a concert.. that i don't know if it's possible with twallan's mod.

either way, maybe you should go to his forums and suggest that someone make the career path. it would be funny if it could be done so it pops up random jokes while you are performing.

or under the modules section for the careers mod..
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