My sim disappeared!

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Hello people,

I use gamespot for over 6 year but I never registered. I would like to first thank you for this great website. :)

Back to subject, while I was playing my sims 3, all of my 3 sims disappeared, My women sim disappeared while cooking, my man sim disappeared while coming back from work, and my baby disappeared while the baby sitter was about to hold him because he was crying. So I restarted the game again after all the work I did. :cry: But again!! after a lot of effort, all my sims disappeared again! they don't die, but disappear, when I click their icon the camera follow them and they are doing stuff but I can't see them! help me please. :( please! please!! PLEASEEE!!!!111!!1! :(

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By disappeared I mean Invisible.

#3cloakedboltzPosted 9/17/2011 1:02:20 PM
Use the "resetsim" command.
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In my game, Emmy Starr has 'disappeared' in Bridgeport. She is still alive and living with Alan Stanley at the house they own but like you, she is invisible and I cannot see her body. She doesn't appear in her picture in the relationships panel either.

As for 'resetsim (name)' I have made other sims do that in other households across town and stil, She and her body does not re-appear fully visible. I can't switch households to theirs to resetsim in that household because a ***** sim in the Atkins family is still ***** dying!

#5CaptainKOPosted 9/19/2011 4:10:39 PM
Leighton has done this. What has happen is that they have either fallen through the ground or it's graphic card glitch.