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4 years ago#1
I'm a little confused because the latest game update is supposed to be 1.42 but mine changed to this version after I installed Seasons. Now must-have mods like Over Watch and ErrorTrap don't work anymore. Tried checking for new update on the launcher but it says my game is up to date. I'm just wondering if anyone got the same version as mine?
4 years ago#2
I don't have the latest version as I got bored with the game a while ago so stopped with Late Night/#19, but are you sure the latest versions of the mods are up-to-date, and not your game?
4 years ago#3
Upon researching a bit, it looks like is the latest version so that means the mods haven't been updated yet. That sucks because there seems to be a bug in Seasons where it clutters your game with cars and get NPCs stuck, causing freezing and errors in saving. Can't play the game because of it!
4 years ago#4
i would think the newest version should be 16.0.142.something.

overwatch and them are updated to work with patch 142.

you might want to try manually patching the game to version 142 by download the sims 3 patch from a website and installing it instead of using the crappy launcher.

this one should work..

or you can just search "sims 3 patches"

or go here..

i've been using that site for sims 3 updates for as long as i can remember, granted i haven't loaded the most recent one, since i haven't actually had time to play in the last month or more.
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4 years ago#5
Thank you! I will try this for now.
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