Does intelligence increase spell damage?

#1romansamuraiPosted 7/4/2008 8:29:20 PM
^^ topic. I've been wondering about that. I have an evoker (Earth-Dream).

So i wonder if:
1. Intelligence increases my elemental spell damage on my earth spells or just my staff damage
2. If my staff bonuses like (+18% fire damage for examle) increases my spell damage or just direct damage from staff
3. Some skills that provide bonus fire damage % increase only staff damage or spell damage too?

Thank! Any help will be appreciated. I'm at lvl 26 with 700 intelligence and it seems to be really only increasing the direct staff damage.
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#2dindonPosted 7/4/2008 10:28:24 PM
Intelligence increases any fire, frost, or lightning damage you do with spells or weapons, as well as the "burns" that go with each element, as far as I know.
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#3romansamurai(Topic Creator)Posted 7/4/2008 11:06:42 PM
alright, thank you. So then the 19% fire damage increase etc will increase damage with the spells too.
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