Buried treasure?

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8 years ago#1
I have a Master builder and Construction 3, but I just can't find it... any help?
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8 years ago#2
Something I read said you need to be at level 3 in both construction and science and have a master builder to find the treasure.
8 years ago#3
Yea I was have that problem too. It turns out you do need Lvl 3 construction and lvl 3 science.
8 years ago#4

Ok, I know I've had the master builders and master scientists, and never got a buried treasure that I recall. This game is making my head hurt.

8 years ago#5
u do need level 3 in both construction and science and you also want to have a builder its to the left of the ruins drag them round till you find the right spot i don't know if it has to be a master builder or what what but i used a master builder anyway but what i don't know is how long it takes for the treasure to be uncovered there is no % to say so im just waiting and waiting if any body wants to feel free to time how long this takes and how many people would speed the process up let me know.

Ok the hole should be right down from your food bin but left of your ruin draw a line and where the lines hit is where it should be good luck good diggers.
8 years ago#6
Ok i just finished the last quest being the buried treasure and got 239 hour's
im guessing its how long it took me to complete the game that's my most likely bet,

let me know if you got this on any other quest u get done last im guessing it only comes up on the bottom of the final puzzle u solve.
8 years ago#7
I can not get more then level 2 farming and construction. I need to make more tech points its impossible to get 50,000. WTF This game in so addicting though. The only cheat I found was to set your computer timer a few hours ahead. It works. But.. It make the crops run out and take longer to grow if you set it off to the neext day. HOW DO YOU GET THE TECH POINTS????
8 years ago#8

You have to make people research. Make sure you go in and set their favorite thing to do as research, then set them in front of the table to do it. Just keep putting them back if they start to walk away. It'll happen eventually.

8 years ago#9

Take ur master builder & drag him to a point to the left of the ruins & straight below the food storage box

just drag him to that position a couple of times

eventually he'll strt sumthin like a construction over der & get the treasure

8 years ago#10
ok for cheats you can download cheat enjine and cheat on your food and tech points if you want.....i cant get a master scientist!!!its makes me crazy i let them research for hours and there not even adepts!i onlky have 3 adepts and i have 15 villagers and the school puzzle is the only one left!!!arrrgh!!!!

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