Look like it got pushed up to 4/22/2008

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8 years ago#1
I just went to gamestop's web site and it now has it pushed up to 4/22 ( ship date) so we can expect to see it in the store on Wednesday 4/23... I hope so... !
8 years ago#2
it still shows 5-2-08... maybe its the guide
8 years ago#3
Yeah, I'll go with the guide.
8 years ago#4
Swear.. when I posted it the othe day, it had this new date, i just check and its back to May.. the guide was always in there for like 4/11 or so. Sorry But i was pumped to see it pushed up but I guess they don;t want to spoil the movie..
8 years ago#5
jkenn58, yep...I noticed the same thing. They had the date of the game moved up to April 22....then moved it back again.

Perhaps they only meant to change the date of the guide and mistakenly changed the dates of everything for Iron Man.

I too got excited about the early release date....lol oh well.... :-)
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8 years ago#6
Well, for some reason GFAQ's lists the PS2 version as being out the 22nd.

Perhaps that's what it meant?
8 years ago#7
Perhaps I can be of some help while the game itself ships on 4/22 it won't be available for pickup until 5/2 because of a streetdate imposed the studio that makes the movie. Anything that may contain plot elements of the movie is being held until 5/2 examples being the novel, the graphic novel and video game. They don't want to many people knowing the story before the movie hits so it kinda makes sense.
8 years ago#8
i worry about this game releasing a couple of days after grand theft auto 4, i'll still uy it. but.....
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8 years ago#9
Well, regardless if a game SHIPS and ARRIVES on the 22nd, stores wouldn't have it listed as such unless that was a release date they were planning on using or something.

Other games arrive early, but they still show the actual release date and just hold the games until then.

It's just that some versions of this game are showing a 4/22 date, while other versions are showing a 5/2 date.
8 years ago#10
It will ship on the 22nd, but won't be available to purchase till May 2nd. Ask your local gamestop employees if you don't believe us. I would explain this but, I can't explain it any better than SuperGman just didn't. It's possible the site hasn't updated its dates. However, I'm sure if you ask at the store you will be told May 2nd.
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  3. Look like it got pushed up to 4/22/2008

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