Just KOed Martinez in the 2nd Round...lol.

#1Yusuke001Posted 12/12/2009 1:26:29 AM
This guy wasted me like 50 times in a row, I'm not entirely sure how I managed to pull this off, but whatever I'll take it. I didn't even land one corkscrew punch, hell I didn't even get my special up to use it. Basically I just blocked a couple of hits then went to his body with jabs and straights here and there, and if he threw a hook, then I'd dodge and uppercut his body. Sounds easy on paper, but half the time he knocks you down even if your blocking so it sucks.

I knocked him down fairly early in the 2nd round so I figured I might as well go balls out, I've got nothing to lose. Soon as he got up, I waited for his right hook, then caught him with another uppercut, which stunned him so I wailed on him for a bit and he went down again. Then I just kept it up, like two more uppercuts and he went down for the third time. Was pretty satisfying and somewhat funny at the same time, to struggle so much and then to win so decisively, I think he only knocked me down once.
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