Underworld PS+ trial blocks my Underworld TR Trilogy trophy collection: WTF!

#1PaSquallPosted 12/29/2011 4:55:59 PM
More than one year ago TR: Underworld was available for the one hour free trial for PS Plus users, like I was at that time (the time where all Fallout 3 dlc content was for free).
Being an old PS one fan I tried, and found the game pretty good but a bit over-sized for my old fat 40 GB.
This means the game registered the prologue trophy for 11/11/2010, but I DID NOT buy the game after the hour of free trial, so it remained BLOCKED.

Which means: in my on-line PSN account the game was not registered and so its trophy. On the other hand, the off-line trophy collection showed both the list and the obtained trophy (with that specific date).

A week ago I saw a brand new copy of TR Trilogy, 3 games at that price was too much of a bargain to let it go so I picked it up.
First thing first, the game couldn't read the save file I did not erased one year ago...I wondered why, it's the same freaking game!
Then the best, I couldn't get the prologue trophy unlocked for my PSN collection!
It remains inside a "circle", and visible only in my off-line status!
That's non-sense...so now for PSN I have the 10 secrets trophy but not the very first, can't get the 100% either...

Is Underworld Trilogy a different game from the "base" Underworld (saves are NOT shared, and in the "detail" section it says "Trilogy Edition")? Then why I can't re-win the trophy?
If Underworld Trilogy really is the same game, then why my PSN trophy isn't unlocking? The trial ended but now I got the freaking product brand-new!

Strange coincidence, now Underworld PSN is free for PS Plus users...I could pay 15 euro for 3 months I never wanted. But, is this right for consumers? And besides, who can grants me the trophy is gonna be finally unlocked? How can it synchronize if it's from 2010? What's the point of letting you try a game if this means trouble or stupid bugs and glitches?

Anyone had the same experience or can give me some suggestions?
Maybe I should rent/buy a physical copy of "base" Underworld somewhere, see if it can solve the issue and then sell it?