Built Sims in Bodyshop... not showing up in game?

#1Olympus MonsPosted 4/25/2008 3:44:16 AM
This is kind of driving me crazy. I tend to like the build a sim in Bodyshop more because there are a few more features/sliders to play with. Last night I finally made a serious attempt. I made a more narrow eyed Asian woman with a more moon face, as my Korean wife would say. Gave her a more flawed humanist skin with a beauty mark or two. Of course I did the clone, then OK'd it. Sent as a package, not online, which turned up on my desktop. Then I started my game and..... nothing.... she wasn't there. I then went back, checked over things, double clicked on the folder/package that was on my desktop and it asked if I wanted to install it. I said yes. Its said successful. Again I went into the game and again she was a no-show

When I first was just pushing button around this build sim feature in bodyshop, I created a character that did appear in game...so it did it before. I still have no issues with clothing/skins into the game from Bodyshop....just the build sims feature all of a sudden

Has this happened to anyone before? It seems to me that a package I could send to EA to be uploaded should be able to be uploaded into my own game. Could someone give me a quick run down about how they do this so I can see if I missed a step?

ALSO....what and how does this collection folder stuff work in the in-game CAS? I am still rather new at this stuff. There doesn;t seem to be much info on these features. I click a pre-made character in the portraits of characters and it says...add to collection?

Any help here would be greatly appreciated...thanks
#2Omaedon1Posted 4/25/2008 6:24:20 AM
Are you looking in the created sim bin or the pre-built sim models in the CAS screen? Any sim you build with bodyshop doesn't get imported as a playable sim..just a model in the Create-a-sim preset models screen, I forgot that once and wondered why my bodyshop sims weren't being installed too...
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#3Olympus Mons(Topic Creator)Posted 4/25/2008 9:11:09 AM
When I did this last night, I knew I had to go create a CAS in game with it for it to place. In game create a family, I went to the icon of the group of people in the right handed corner. It had full body portraits of the usual pre-made sims you can select, but mine was not amongst them. When I was just pushing it around before, I had my built sim from body shop there with the asterick up in the corner, like other custom stuff has.

I may think it through some more, but I can think of nothing I did wrong step by step.