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4 years ago#1
Does anyone have any tips on who is the best character to use for these legend/solo modes. Is there anything that I can spam with so it won't take me forever to get these dam rare swimsuits. Any suggestions will help.
4 years ago#2
I used Ryu Hayabusa for the last few difficulties. It was a cake walk compared to using Kasumi from Very Easy to Hard.

I just spammed a few of Ryu's attack

LB + Away = Hadouken move without the fireball

LB + Down -> Up+A = Teleport grab

LB + Down -> Up+B = Teleport slide

Just know when to use those and on who. Tina is a sucker for that teleport slide.

I just beat Legend and what sucks is that I didn't get Tina's costume drop. Whoever decided that a 30% drop rate was a good idea is a freaking idiot.
4 years ago#3
U can just spam the charge attack (the hadouken with no fireball). Just time it right and it almost always lands, just like u could against alpha 152 on doa4. Still sucks about the 30% drop and the fact u gotta unlock legend mode for each game type separately. U gotta beat it at least 12 times.
4 years ago#4
I guess they thought to themselves "Hey, they went through 300 stages of HELL on MK9 for ONE outfit, surely they would love to go through hell for 3 of these slutty outfits" As you said in the first comment, They be a dam idiot for this!
4 years ago#5
I actually like that idea. I even thought Hell was a little frozen over there.
Looks like Gamefaqs moderators are taken directly from reformatories for insane juvenile delinquents.
4 years ago#6
Thank GOD! Finally got it. Now any ideas for survival! Or am im gonna have to just hadoken my way through it?!
4 years ago#7
Oh sh*t! They put Warriors Orochi 3 Hayabusa outfit on here! Was not expecting that.
4 years ago#8
Ok! I have Christie's now. Any suggestions for survival mode, please let me know. And also how many people do I have to beat?
4 years ago#9
I'd like to know how many u have to beat as well. Somebody here has got to know this
4 years ago#10
Is it true you can't use a continue to unlock the outfits?
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