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GET ON xbox live. WHO WANTS A FIGHT? (Archived)Misogynist_X89/22/2012
I've read that TN has removed Team Battle and Tag Survival. (Archived)HakuMan11138699/22/2012
I won't be getting this game now. (Archived)
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So...no Leon after all (Archived)Metal_Gear_LR39/22/2012
Who is the hottest character in the game and why? (Archived)DerekRoss109/22/2012
All boobs but no hips/butt (Archived)Famine_10f469/22/2012
What happened to Leon? (Archived)nick1438319/22/2012
To those who have the full game early... (Archived)gsforlife29/22/2012
Anyone getting nervous about picking this up in person? (Archived)
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Does Tina have a wrestling attire? (Archived)HakuMan11138659/22/2012
rare swimsuit news from the ps3 board (Archived)siframe109/22/2012
Famitsu gives DOA5 a near perfect score (Archived)gsforlife109/22/2012
think there gonna release more characters before launch (Archived)
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I have the game but (Archived)Reece50459/22/2012
Dead or alive 5 live stream going on now. (Archived)mekokemeko29/22/2012
Can anyone confrim Leon not in, that has the game early (Archived)ShariganItachi89/22/2012
No character endings in arcade mode. (Archived)
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CE premium swimsuits the angel/devil bunny outfits or something different? (Archived)coldisgood79/22/2012
Graphics Lack Polish? (Archived)iluvrice59/22/2012
I really want Dead or Alive 4... (Archived)
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