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> Data Conversion
From Original P3 to FES (to Episode Yourself only, Episode Aegis is independent story mode)
- All stats - Academic, Charm and Courage
- S-link max items
- All the MIx-Raid lists.
- List of Compendium (all skills and levels will be reset to Base)
That is all. Nothing else.

> Hard Mode
Increased Damage taking from Shadows.
Even normal encounter can give Enemy Advantage.
Lower the chance on Escape.
Cost for bring out Persona from Compendium is quadrupled (x4).

> Tartaros
No matter when, you and your member will get tired, even in day before Full-moon. But they will keep stay in day before Full-moon day - tired or not.
No matter what condition is (tired or sick) you and your member will be Normal at full-moon day.
Extra BGM in dungeon (4 of them, while in dungeon ask Fuuka - not Mituru - to change them)

> Day time
Class room questions and tests are changed.
Extra dialogs and events with Dorm members.
Some people have moved to different place in town and school.
After 24th AUG you can ask out your member for movie.
Now you can play in Game Panic (arcade) in mall for these benefits.
- Punching Machine for STR (equipped Persona only)
- Fortune telling for INT (same as STR)
- Whack-a-mole for DEC (same as above)
- Quiz game for Academic
- Print Club for Charm
- Virtual Horror for Courage.
> Extra function in Shrine, but it will use up whole afternoon.
Offertory will gives you points no matter, but you get more when you are in Great! condition.
Fortune pick will increase the S-link points.
Small shrine can grant you one benefits (some benefits are for that night only).
- No longer gets tired
- Double the money you have.
- Extra money (1.2 to 1.5) to your pocket.
- Triple the money you have.
- Increased chance on item drops from Shadows.
- Extra EXP gain.
- More Fusion accidents.
- Extra money from Coin cards.
- Increase the one of member's stat (amount is 1 to 4, only one stat will rise per pray)
- Change item to something.

> S-links
Even you have Maxed out, now you can ask them out again (but for nothing).
You can now choose who to go out with at summer festival in Shrine and Christmas (if you have S-link)
S-link for Aigis (Aeon)
Devil S-link have moved to Night (in mall)
All S-links have less points to move to next rank.

> Persona
Some skills and level have changed. (different in Episode Yourself and Episode Aegis as well)
Temperance max Persona is now Yurung (changed from Byakko)
Demon style Lucifer is added, original Lucifer is now Lucifel (sp?)
New Persona (23 total - name spelling might be wrong..)
- Fool Slime
- Magician Kahak
- H. Priestess High Pixie
- Empress Yakshini
- Hierophant Seasor
- Hierophant Tote
- Lovers Alp
- Hermit Mothman
- Hermit Kwanda
- Fortune Empusa
- Strength Lakshasa
- Hanged_Man Hekatoncail
- Hanged_Man Hells Angel
- Death Ghoul
- Temperance Yurung
- Devil Pazuzu
- Tower Mara
- Star Kartikeya
- Moon Baal-Zebul
- Sun Spalna
- Judgment Lucifer (demon form)
- Aeon Nidhog
- Aeon Atabak

> Weapon Fusion
Now you can use your Persona to fuse weapon.
Some Persona will become special weapon (like Judgment Lucifer > Holy Grail Lucifer)

> Equipments
New equipments in Yourself as well as Aegis story.
Costume change for specific ones (e.g High-cut armor etc.)
Some Aegis equipments have name changed.

> Quest
Total quests are now 99 (from 55)
You can date with Elizabeth as a part of request (with voice) - which does not spend time.
Once you have done all the dating request, you can ask her out any time.

> Dorm
You can check out secret camera - which will record event at specific day - in Operation room.
Also you can take Koromaru to walk.
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Persona related topic. By Arthellinus

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> Episode Aigis

No data transfer from Episode Yourself (main story) or to it.

You are control Aigis as main character, unlike MC in main story she only can use guns.

Difficulty is set to Normal.

Everyone's level is set to 20 something (22~25).

All skills on members will be back to basics, but retains advanced Persona form.

Since Aigis have new ability to use many Persona, Athena is no longer available. She will start with Orpheus (with adjusted level and new skills).

New character : Metis.

No weapon fusion.

No S-links.

Exclusive new equipments for Episode Aigis.

All fusion process is simplified to Double and Triple fusion. No more 4+ fusions. All Persona can be fused with double or triple fusion in Episode Aigis.

No Compendium, if you cannot fuse it or find it from shuffle time.. you will never get it.

No Request from Liz.

Shuffle time - Swords card will now drop armor and accessories as well as weapons.

Shadows move faster than main story. Zoom Zoom! XD

No Terminal device - looks like door - until you beat the floor boss, you will given choice to escape or proceed to meet boss in special floor (and save of-course).

No shops until you beat the first dungeon. Also cannot access to Karaoke, Cafe, and Game Arcade.
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From Arthellinus Posted 2/25/2008 7:41:01 PM #005
Mmm, I guess all the regulars are slowly making the migration here?

I should probably stop spamming my own threads at the other board. =P

I was already here when I requested for a script last month.
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Even you have Maxed out, now you can ask them out again (but for nothing)

Does that go for the Death Social Link, as well? =)
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Umm.. nope.
Forgot to add "someone with in Love only"
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Umm.. nope.
Forgot to add "someone with in Love only"

You mean he doesn't consider me somebody worthy of love? ='(
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