Whats in FES, FAQ topic (ask here)

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We can transfer data now?!
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"Let's go out" is what you should pick for Justice Flag 3. To actually initiate the link, when you talk to her the next time, pick "Let's walk home together."
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I love how stereotypically nervous Chihiro is. She wants it HORD.
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I can only afford 1 game and am seriously thinking of getting Persona 3. After reading this thread, if i don't want to buy both P3 and P3fez, is getting Fez a good option?
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I heard this game is sweet I plan on getting it.

Does it have cameos from other games in it? If so, who and/or what?
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I just read that to get one of the very first winter/summer costumes from Elizabeth, you need Thor.

So for most of the game, until I start hitting around my Lv50s, I'm stuck with just highcuts/chivalry and swimwear?

Well...that certainly sucks.

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zomg FES!
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Quick question: If you choose to date Elizabeth (show her around) will it eat up some S.Link time?
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Nope dating Elizabeth does not take up any time.

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Which is awesome by the way.

I only wish they would have done the same thing with Koromaru's walks.

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