Whats in FES, FAQ topic (ask here)

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What carries over in NG+?????
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Sorry if this has been addressed earlier in the thread (I didn't see anything related to it in the first ten pages).

How do you unlock Monad in FES? The guides to the original Persona 3 all say that Monad opens up as soon as you reach the top of Tartarus (F254) in January. I've done that, but nothing happened. I'd like to level up a bit before taking on Nyx, but it will take forever and be really tedious fighting the weak monsters in Adamah. What gives? Do I need to complete certain requests or something?
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Reach the top of Tartarus and complete request 53 (defeat The Reaper and retrieve a Bloody Button).
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okay im trying to get cyble with ragnorak, panta rhei, thunder rein, spell master, and mediarahan by fusing norn, odin, and surt. is this even possible? ive been trying for a while. if not ive already got her with spell master, mediarahan, maziodyne, maragidyne, and magarudyne.
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woops thought this was the ultimate fusion thread
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i dont know why, but the triangle fusion table in the faq doesnt match the fact that i play in "the answer"..

i already follow the step of choosing 3rd persona in "the answer" and as i did in p3, but the result is different somehow..

any ideas guyz..??
does anyone have the correct triangle fusion table for "the answer"?

(the normal fusion table does work though...)
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Something I noticed in The Answer is that "______ Master" for weapons aren't on the personas (Thanatos has maragidyne instead for example)

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^^^ Because Aigis can't USE swords/spears/bows, obviously.
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Obviously, but does anyone know what the other skills became ?

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Hey, I need to know the fusions to create Nata Taishi, I have been using a guide but it seems to equal a different result. This is probably due to level, so levels would be nice to. Thank you if you try.