Persona 3 FES ending. (spoiler)

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8 years ago#1
Could anyone spoil the ending please? I dont have enough money to buy it.
Plan to buy mana-khemia.
8 years ago#2
...You can't scrape up $30? If it was a full priced game I would understand, but it's only $30....
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8 years ago#3
I have other plan. Beside i already have Persona 3. Dont want to waste money.
8 years ago#4

$30 for a game with extra additions and an epilogue to the story is NOT a waste of money.

If you don't plan to support Atlus and thank them for getting P3 in english then you don't deserve to see the ending, unless you spoil yourself in some other videos.

We aren't giving you spoilers just because you asked.

8 years ago#5
Could you tell me if the new ending is better than the old one? The old one was depressing with the main character trapped in a coma forever.
8 years ago#6
i never played the jap version yet..
all i have heard is the ending never changes.. MC still sleep forever lol:P
and the story continue from there
there is some video in the official p3fes website that explain some stuff
spoiler though


somehow they are stuck at the date 31/3
8 years ago#7
i was hoping they added a new ending for FES even if i knew it was a long shot
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  3. Persona 3 FES ending. (spoiler)

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