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hi. i tried to get nihil from gold shadows after i talked to the lady and it didn't work. any ideas why? someone help me please i'm losing my mind here,
8 years ago#132
^What exactly is the problem?
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after i talked to the lady at the antique shop i went to find a gold shadow and i'm not getting any base weapons or nihil
sry. all i'm getting is gold coins
8 years ago#135
The Antique Shop just opened in my game...is it worth it to fuse the Nihil weapons you get right away, or is it best to keep them until I can get a Unique fusion?
it can go either way. if you have multiple nihil longswords or something to that effect, save one for a special fusion. if you're looking for a weapon to help you in tartarus, fuse it. but remember, normal weapons can be fused again and again.
8 years ago#137
i like miehceal (judge) speical weapon its a powerful sword about 450 power
8 years ago#138
It seems like if this gets put into a guide it should titled and based on...

"Weapon Fusion & General Weapon Usuage Stratagy"

the last part of it refering to information on the whole elements and atributes on wepaons thing and how certain weapons can prevent a nock down, etc.

Oh, and FYI, I've seen rather small FAQs get through before. So even if you had about 2 pages of info, as long as you use filler like a retarded logo out of letters or something, make updates from questions and ansers you've seen that relate to the topic, and in general BS so updates and organize everything to a section, it should make it to the list of FAQs.
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8 years ago#140
Chances of Nihil Spear?I prefer Spears
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