5/6 Question?

#1sakurabonsaiPosted 4/27/2008 12:00:25 PM
I'm so dumb... What do you call water without much calcium and magnesium... "Hard Water, Soft Water, or Natural Water".
#2American_Eagle0Posted 4/27/2008 12:01:38 PM
#3sakurabonsai(Topic Creator)Posted 4/27/2008 12:02:32 PM
it was soft
#4JIM12306Posted 4/27/2008 12:04:32 PM
On the mid-term exam thing it is Hard water.

But for the question in class before that it is soft water.

Not changing this until people start realizing that reality TV syndrome is a poison!
#5American_Eagle0Posted 4/27/2008 12:04:46 PM
It was? o_O I swear I picked hard and it was correct...sorry.
#6sakurabonsai(Topic Creator)Posted 4/27/2008 12:05:43 PM
don't worry about it :) I just appreciate someone trying to help.