How to Create Orthrus with Dodge Slash?

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8 years ago#1
I'm having trouble with the quest from Elizabeth that involves fusing orthrus so that he has the skill dodge slash, now i've did this same quest on the regular perona 3, but apparently they changed ose which I used last time to level 44. I even looked through the compodium and didnt even see a persona with that specific skill. Normally I wouldn't mind skipping one the quests but I would miss out on some good personas. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
8 years ago#2
Not sure but try this:
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8 years ago#3
Nigi Mitama + Power = Yamata-no-Orochi
Yamata-no-Orochi + Rakshasa (has Dodge Slash by default) = Orthrus
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8 years ago#4
Ah thanks, both of you, I must have missed that other thread
8 years ago#5
well valkyrie has a dodge slash, maybe you can start from there.
and after looking up a guide, the strength rakshasa also has a dodge slash.

and do a strength x something = hanged man, fusion. Choices are fool, emperor, death, moon, judgement, and between level 26-40 so it will end up orthrus.

That brings up the result of Black Frost, King Frost, Loa, or Yamato-no-Orochi. Judging from that, Yamato-no-Orochi is the best bet.

Or you can also do a quick calculation to inherit dodge slash from valkyrie, and use the resulting persona in a fusion to produce orthrus.

It isn't that difficult.
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