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8 years ago#1
where do i find and access the home shopping channel
8 years ago#2
on the tv in your room
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8 years ago#3
Only on Sundays. And if you have a Sunday planned with a classmate, you miss your chance to use the tv in your room.
8 years ago#4
And one of the s.link can only be done on Sunday
8 years ago#5
Well that was random. That has nothing to do with the home shopping channel. Although, if you leave the dorm to go do that S Link, you again lose your chance to use the tv in your room.
8 years ago#6
Well it has a lot to do cause if you take one you lose the other...
8 years ago#7
Oh my goodness, I can't believe its wonderfulness!
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8 years ago#8
That's not true, you don't have to choose between them. If you use the tv before leaving the room, you can still go do the Social Link afterwards. The only thing that stops you from using the tv is setting up a Sunday date with a classmate.
8 years ago#9
Oh i did not know that,thanks.
8 years ago#10
@Thin_Lizzy: Actually there's two social links you can do on Sundays. The Online Game is likely the easiest one to remember, but there's another. If you speak with Maiko enough at the Nanagaki Shrine, she'll tell you about a guy who visits there on Sundays. Then, talk to him on one of those Sundays and he'll ask if you can find a pen for him. However, the pen can only be found on the first day that Koromaru stays with you in the dorm. Just talk to Koromaru and you'll find the pen. That, simply put, is the Sun social link.
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