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^ ^ I agree, It would be more convenient
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goat a question and i need your help guys look long time ago i said i am going to fuse orpheus telos with pantha rei black viper nifleheim **** mornig star and tunder regin well i have all personas with that skills so i only need fuse orpheus telos but i been reed and it says "you have to get ALL social links done" okay then:
it is true?
i alrredy done one game and i start a new one if i done the others it work? (because i have done 10 social links)
and it is true than igor have to give you some kind of mask???? PLEASEEEE HELP THANKS oh and if you help me i will say how fuse it with all the skills i said before thank you..........i am urss121212
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-The Answer does NOT take up to 40 hours to get through, and you don't need to grind that much. You could consider the entire game in itself a grind because all you do is fight, yeah, but it's not like you need to hang around in every area for very long. You can just fight enemies as they come until you get to the boss and be fine. If you make sure to fuse good Persona and use a little strategy, you can burn through the thing in 25-30 hours.-

It took me around 60-70 hours. So, no.
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I have question about the New Game Plus system

So it look's like you can import your save to the expansion part but i wonder that after you have completed it can you start new game plus with that data on the regular mode. Probably not because they didin't connect these right but i just want to confirm it.

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I assume that link for 2b is a fusion calculator. But it comes up with 404 error.

Found another fusion calculator at http://arantius.com/misc/persona-3-fes-fusion-calculator that works pretty well. Sorts by Yen cost of components when you choose what you want to fuse.