nyx avatar fanmade arcana quote

#1XenioArbennigPosted 6/29/2011 8:44:56 PM
it so amazing good, they all made by GentlemanAeon777

Sun: "The light of the sun gives out the feeling of invincibility, joy and happiness, is it possible that the light of the moon gives out the same?"

Judgement/Aeon: What you have done unto others reflects what you will do unto thyself."

World: "Dreams and reality can become one in the same. To? spin a dream is to decide the fate of the world."
Last arcana quotes (made up)

Temperance: "With the clashing of the opposites, there is the most joyous harmonies."

Devil: "Humanity in sin is a slave to it's own temptation."

Tower: "Even the Messiah that all look up to so much had to? fall in order to be renewed."

Star: "Everlasting hope is one of the curious forces that still guides people to resolution and salvation."

Moon: "Subconciousness gives to the conciousness, which has been the enlightnenment for humans in dream and nightmare."
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Those are from a youtube vid right? I think I saw them before.