So, is it normal for Sleeping Table to roflstomp all over your party?

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Because, JESUS CHRIST, that thing is a monster!
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I see...

I apologize for this topic.
When my name was Kentai, my family would travel...down to western RI, where my name was Kentai.
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No, it isn't that. I was merely demonstrating that Sleeping Table certainly is a problem for many people. Not for me though. It was a pretty easy match. I just don't remember what I did to win.
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It depends on whether you are on hard mode or not.
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_Izanagi_ posted...

My jaw dropped. then I chuckled.
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Personally, I depended on a lot of luck. I would use a magic mirror first turn, in case he use maragidyne. Then I would use revolution and torrent shot (orobas) to knock him over and get AOA. I also got lucky because he never used megidola, and he used his one status move (I forget which one) a lot.
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Yes. Yes it is.

To improve your chances heavily, I'd reccomend getting to level 45; this will allow you to fuse Mot, who has the Null Fear skill, negating Evil Touch and Ghastly Wail. You can then fuse that onto Okuninushi (lv44) who automatically nulls fire, negating Maragidyne. That way, the only thing the MC has to worry about is Megidola and Hamaon. If you can, it'd be a good idea to try to get some light resisting skills onto Oku too; if you've maxed Devil, you can fuse a Succubus with the Null Light skill and pass that onto Oku too, so you'll only have to worry about Megidola.

I did all of the above and went into battle completely alone; Megidola was the only thing that I didn't block. It all depends, basically, on 1) if you have high enough HP to survive it, and 2) if you can heal yourself to a point where another won't kill you right after. Although I relied on Beads and Medical Powders, if you can get Diarama onto Oku as well as the two Nulls that would probably help loads. Just remember to watch your SP, and be liberal with the Chewing Souls. If it runs out, your chances go waaaaay down. :(

Healing is also important because Oku's main offense is Mighty Swing, which is good but also reduces your own HP a bit, and that might be a problem if Megidola comes. If you've maxed Temperace your Oku will know both Fire Break and Fire Boost, allowing you to instead rely on Agidyne; you can always get other forms of offense onto Oku, but that may be difficult with the other skills you NEED him to inherit.

Lastly, remember to raid the antique store for as many cards as you can. Raise Oku's Strength or Magic depending on which attack you're relying on, or perhaps go for Endurance if Megidola's giving you too much trouble. Vitality Rings (+30% HP, I think) and the Legion fusion weapon (+100 HP) can further help you stay alive.

Please remember you don't have to go into this fight alone like I inexplicably did, and giving the Table three other targets to focus on could help just as much as the extra little damage they could do. Debuffs truly do help, and Aki loves those, and while you can't risk relying on the AI to heal you it can help take the edge off. Junpei resists fire and hits hard, so he's a good idea, and Ken can NULL light, so there's that. Koro nulls fire, but he's weak to light and can't do much here; keep him and Mitsuru out. Yukari and Aigis are also good options for healing and damage/support, respectively. Perhaps don't make healing/reviving them a priority, though; focus on keeping yourself always able to suvive a Megidola and look for openings, because that's all that matters.

The Table requires a bit of luck, not gonna lie, but there's plenty you can do to stack the odds in your favor. And remember; he's level 50, and the smaller the gap between your levels the better your chances, BY FAR. I've never tried Saki Mitama, so iI can't speak to him, but seriously... Okuninushi. He's a boss.

</advice from a player on his second playthrough, playing Normal for the first time> XD
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Saki Mitama definitely works if you can't be bothered with the above strategy, but if you haven't advanced Yukari's link very much, you'll need to grind it to level 42 for Mediarama. I prefer a party of Akihiko, Shinjiro and either Ken or Junpei depending on whether you want to resist Maragidyne or Hamaon. Yukari simply cannot survive the Table's attacks, meaning you need to take on the role of healer, Shinjiro plugs away with Fatal End and prays for crits - fortunately he nearly always has Great status, Akihiko is better off debuffing.

Yes, it's a total monster of a fight, but it's doable. Mediarama helps so much.
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Slap on a HP 30% accessory on Yukari and she will survive.