....death is near???!!!

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ok so... im playing this game for the first time blind. im in the second block on about 6/19 farming bronze figurines for elizabeth. i come to a floor with no enemies so i go afk briefly to send a text. suddenly fuuka starts losing her ****. "DEATH IS NEAR" "I SENSE DEATH GETTING CLOSE". i panicked and ran for the nearest staircase and that seemed to calm her down... without spoilers... wtf just happened?
#2_Izanagi_Posted 7/30/2012 10:36:51 PM
It means that there is a very powerful shadow called The Reaper coming after you. He hunts you down, so in order to escape, you have to get to another floor. Just running away from the area won't get him to stop. The Reaper doesn't appear often, but he does appear a lot on a floor with no shadows or on a floor with rare gold shadows. On a regular floor, he'll appear pretty much always after around 25 minutes have passed. If you get a cursed card in Shuffle Time, he's guaranteed an appearance. Don't try challenging him unless you're around level 70. If you hear Fuuka lose it again like that, head to the next floor.
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The Reaper comes if you spend too long on a floor. Frankly, the timer is too long for it to pretty much ever be an issue on normal floors, but the timer is SIGNIFICANTLY shorter on special floors, which can appear randomly whenever you replay a floor (no shadows, all chests, all gold shadows, more shadows than usual- which are worth bonus exp). You generally want to just spread out and find the stairs ASAP... or hope for the best- and some good exp, on the more shadows than usual floor.

The Reaper is a very high leveled opponent. Encountering it doesn't mean you'll certainly die... but it's very hard to beat before level 70 or so. Generally speaking, if you get stuck in a dead end by the Reaper, you'll probably want to tell your allies to fight separately and then run past it and away. Or teleport out safely of course.
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Not as bad as Baron von Blubba.
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As it's been said, just run from it till endgame. If you must, tell your party members to spilt up or focus on attacking shadows (I've never tested if they'll attack the reaper) and run. They can go down and be fine. But if you do, its game over. And no one wants that.
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Super strong boss enemy is after you. If you're not at least level 80 with adequate persona, then RUN.
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If you send your allies to prioritize defeating shadows, they'll engage The Reaper and most likely die. That's how I escaped once.
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Just flee from the encounter if you run into him. I've done it 3-4 times so far, never died to him.
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Even if the Reaper corners you/engages you in a fight, you still have a chance to escape the fight and run away. The only problem is if the Reaper gets an early shot in and the MC gets taken out before you can do that.

But yeah. In short, just run. And don't linger on floors for too long, especially anytime Fuuka (or whoever) points out there's anything weird about the floor.
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