How often do you go into Tartarus?

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4 years ago#1
I'm going for a max social link playthrough on hard following the guide made by penguin_knight. I want to know how often I am supposed to go to Tartarus and when ideal situations would be.

All that I gathered from reading the guide is that if I NEED to go to Tartarus it would be to do it on Saturday. Should I only go on Saturdays then? And will I be guaranteed all members will be available? I want to make sure I don't miss out on traits if I go to Tartarus too much.
4 years ago#2
If you're doing the Round 1 max social link playthrough, The first month is the hardest to reach your goals with Tartarus, mainly:

1. You need enough money to pay for the Arcade and Karaoke for the rest of the month
2. You need to fuse or find the required Personas to have them for the required days on social link dates.

To avoid getting tired and having to send your team home, you have to head up Tartarus and get the first two Teleports, so you can go from 14F back down to 5F and keep training.

You should get a lot of Snuff Souls in the first floors. Use them sparingly but don't leave until you get all your Personas and a decent amount of cash.

If you want the money, farm the chests: try to dodge the monsters as much as you can. Or if you want, you can catch the monster from behind and then just Escape: the Shadow will disappear.

If you can't pull it off on the 1st night, then you can cheat a bit and skip Karaoke+Study one day at least.

You want to hope to fall sick so study every night and stay Tired.(Except days that you plan to go to Tartarus...) That way you can drink the medicine from the Nurse and get a lot of Bonus points towards Courage. Don't even use the bathroom afterwards.

This way, you can get everything required for S. Links AND max Courage over 10 days before Priestess becomes available.

Knowledge gives you a lot more time to reach Lv.5 by the time of the 3rd exams. Just focus on Courage first, the rest is quite easy to max on time.

You'll see, as you get to Month 3 and Courage / Charm are maxed, things will be a lot more lax with Tartarus, and bosses will take a lot higher levels (esp. on Hard). I reached Floor 59 on the 1st day of Month 3, but the boss was ~Lv25 and I was only 17. Talk about murder. When it gets like that, you'll want to go on a leveling frenzy hunting for Red shadows to avoid getting tired (and you'll see that the guide says you can go on a lot more days.)

And a great tip : you get tired by the NUMBER of battles you fight, and not the number of enemies.

Phew, that was alot. Use these tricks and get a successful first 2 runs into Tartarus.. Hint : you'll need level 8 for Ara Mitama, the Chariot S. Link Persona, quite early.
I'm A Man of Principles, Damn Near Invincible
4 years ago#3
Thanks for all the advice! It's really helpful.

How should I go about getting through the first boss (3 birds that are weak to pierce)? Yukari doesn't like to knock all of them down, and they 2 shot everyone.

Also, approximately how much money will I need to get through the first month? Should I farm chests while I'm here? And what can I do about getting tired when trying to get a persona but not getting it? Just restart and hope for the best?
4 years ago#4
I added more stuff to the first post, some tips might come in handy..

For the 1st boss, try to find a bow, or just purchase one. Your MC can use bows too. Otherwise, leave Yukari to 'Act Freely' and hope she shoots everyone down. To make sure she does, remember to Full Analysis them, Yukari will be more prone to using a Pierce attack.

I'm not sure how much you'll need but shoot for 25k on your first go... Yeah, it's alot. Farming chests is the best way to go about it. You can find ~7k gold in chests if you're lucky. Also the Wealth Hands drop coins that are worth 3k. And picking the coin card gives you about 800. I would even say go for 50k, 75k, as high as you can, it will make everything alot easier. You can stock up on Medicine if you're rich, and that means you can save SP to make better Tartarus runs for the 1st/2nd months.

About getting tired, this is why you want to reach 14F. That way you can be tired AND keep going back down to another floor (5F) with the Elevators, and keep running back up to farm chests and fight weaker enemies. There's no remedy for Tiredness and the Max S.Link guide assumes that you'll get tired on your first times to Tartarus to at least get some Personas... Hard mode 1st month is really, really hard. Plan out your first run carefully.

Again, just buy a bow from the Police shop if you can't find one. The 1st boss will be alot easier.

Here's a quick guide for Tartarus boss fights.

And lastly, to basically have 100% Shuffle Time, you want to finish the battle on MC's turn, or with an All-Out Attack. It's not mentioned anywhere and it's a great trick. Hope a lot of Personas come out early and go fuse them before you get tired.
I'm A Man of Principles, Damn Near Invincible
4 years ago#5
Ah! I completely forgot that the MC could wield all types of weapons. That makes the boss extremely easy since I can just manipulate it by forcing all the enemies down and refusing to all out attack. It takes awhile, but it works wonders!

Anyway, for final clarification, I should be able to get to floor 14 on my first trip into Tartarus (minus the tutorial section from the 1st floor)?
4 years ago#6
Yeah, I think the 1st Barrier is on 16F.

Best of luck! Try sneaking in a few Elizabeth Requests when you can too, some items can come in handy and the money rewards will help stretch your wallet.
I'm A Man of Principles, Damn Near Invincible
4 years ago#7
So far so good. My next problem (as with every playthrough) is the Change Relic boss on the 36th floor. He is crazy. And because I've been trying to do the round 1 max social link, I'm severely underleveled. I'm aware that if I could get to level 15, then fusing Gurr would make this battle extremely easier than it is now. However, level 15 is very far from where I am right now.

The strategy I've been trying to go with is having the toy bow (MC) and spiked bat (Junpei) attack, and having the other two support. Doesn't seem like it's going too well because the damage output is just too low when the MC uses a toy bow. I have Alp, but the resistance to wind is crap, I still take ~100 damage from a (ma)garula. If possible, I'd want to get through this section of Tartarus in this single night I've spent in it.

I am afraid of grinding because I don't want my teammates to get tired (thus wasting the entire time grinding because as soon as I go save they would be gone already). Should I just grind and come back another time? Would I have enough time in this run to do so?
4 years ago#8
Which day are you on? How many days til Full Moon? And how many times have you been sick and went to the Nurse? These all come into factor.

Seeing the Nurse as often as you can, Courage can be EASY to max, you need to get lucky on Sick days though. The point is, if you're ever scared that you won't get enough Courage, you can get tired through studying. Reload if you don't. You can catch up on a few spare points with the Nurse's medicine. Don't worry about a day or 2's worth. Depends how much time til 6/19 you have left.

If you can head back to 1F and heal your party up before you get tired, then you get a nice shot at power leveling. Even if you don't level, you'll have a very hard time beating this boss, and the next one too.

Reason being, the damage formula used against monsters has a LVL DIFFERENCE factor in it. The higher the level difference, the more ridiculous the fight gets. If you can be on same lvl (or even higher, but I doubt it), then the battle becomes madly easier to handle.

I really recommend leveling. go back down to the elevator level just below you and go back up hunting red shadows and pull EXP card out. The LVL DIFFERENCE also gives you more EXP the bigger the difference in lvl's is. Less tired, more XP, less battles so less SP consumption. Don't stop powerleveling when you can, and especially be careful of enemies that can 1-shot you. Switch to a defensive elemental Persona and let someone else (like Akihiko) knock out the shadows for you.

There's also using the Fusion skill from Orpheus and Apsaras to get a low-MP spell that heals the whole group and buffs them, in worst case scenario.

And finally I guess, if you decide to go back out Tartarus and have a few pennies to spend, get a stack of 20 Revival Beads. And cans of soda (Cielo Mist) at the Dorm's 2nd floor will give you 5SP each use. These can come in handy finishing a run where your team is Tired and things go awry.
I'm A Man of Principles, Damn Near Invincible
4 years ago#9
I'm on 5/23, so it's 16 more days till the full moon (currently in Tartarus btw). When I grind, should I ONLY hunt red shadows? They're kind of rare, I've only seen two so far on this playthrough.

Also, how important is abusing the courage gain from the nurses office? Should I make an effort to get tired/sick as much as possible until I max courage? I'm one rank away from maxing courage at this point.

I'm not too sure on how to keep up with levels with my party because they get tired quicker than I do. I really should have stocked up on more revival beads/cielo mists, I didn't really think about it at the time because things were going by pretty smoothly. I'm pretty sure at the rate I'm doing, I should be able to just go back into Tartarus another day. But it seems maxing courage is very time restricted. I wish there were a way I could check how close I am to ranking it up to max.
4 years ago#10
You're already 1 rank away from Max Courage, and you're 25 days away? You've succeeded admirably! You'll be done in a week or 2 max. No worries there. It doesn't matter, you're just about maxed Courage so max it out quick, get some items, go to the Restroom for Great status, and go right back in there.

The nurse is not important if you only ever go to Tartarus the minimum amount of time. Think about it this way: the faster you max Courage, the more you can cheat going in Tartarus. And it really gives a good amount of Courage. So get Tired/Sick and max Courage out.

Red Shadows are rare. You can settle for packs of enemies that are worth a lot of XP, but always fight the Reds. You should figure out which size of shadow are profitable to level up at low SP cost. When you get a All-enemies spell you can easily start farming bigger stacks of mobs.

And remember: Run the hell away if the fight doesn't look worth it. You don't get tired from escaping, 100% success if you surprise the enemy, and the enemy disappears. Just time your exploration and do it steady, conserving your stamina and SP, defending your MC and leveling will be a breeze.

You're on the road to 100%, man
I'm A Man of Principles, Damn Near Invincible
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