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If I want to use a level 60 persona, what level do I have to be?Sharebear420211/11 3:28PM
Have there been any reports of kids committing suicide after playing Persona 3?slk_23611/7 1:34AM
Should I play this over P3P Female for my second playthrough?Rocket2606910/26 12:24PM
Questions . .
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
FinalFLuver3510/17 2:34PM
Anybody else imagine a fat black guy rapping in the corner of the Iwatodai dorm?slk_23110/16 8:55PM
Using Ken and Korolegefy310/12 9:41PM
Apparently P# won an award for being the most controversial game to cause noneleeman3104310/8 8:12AM
Small text glitch I just noticedKonnor97110/5 2:34PM
Couple of questions.
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
MetaFails129/26 3:29AM
Social link walkthrough with max stats (Academics, courage, etc)ironysteeth19/24 7:24PM
Resuming my Girls only run after a 2 year breakvind3d29/23 3:56PM
Yet another Nyx question4AM39/12 6:37AM
Can my PS2 not handle this game? NoiseReignMan39/3 11:04AM
S. Link hiccupCrazyGreenGamer19/2 10:55AM
So i'm in January. How do I prepare the best for the final boss?OSB9559/1 2:45PM
WTF is Yukari wearing on October.25 she looks like a freaking STREETWALKER?tacomoney78/24 9:33AM
Which Social links do I need to max to be able to fuse Messiah?tacomoney68/21 9:34AM
Persona 3 Moviereika99968/17 9:17AM
Damn ElizabethSharar738/16 2:34PM
About to start first game,anything non obvious I should know before I start?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
tacomoney138/13 9:09PM
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