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I have to say I'm not a fan of how Shuffle time works in this and Portable101010101028/5 2:33AM
I need help with the hermit bossunderwatterman48/1 7:32PM
Final Date with Elizabeth (Spoilers)Depressionism38/1 8:19AM
'Mass Destruction' reminds me of 'G-Eazy X Bebe Rexha - Me, Myself & I'slk_2327/12 7:43PM
I can use my PS2 saves on PS3 when I play the disc, but how to for PSN version?ma70er37/8 11:53AM
Was he really qualified? (ENDING SPOILERS)Delta12345678917/8 11:39AM
Why do people hate thanatos so muchMistKiller10137/2 12:16AM
How to Prepare for Elizabeth Boss FightRegalPixelKing86/28 5:25PM
Couple of questions from a beginner...DarkfireAxel86/22 4:37PM
Max S.Link Help?CampingTheDocks16/17 10:43PM
I don't understand the max Slink guide...femiwhat36/11 4:31PM
Am the only one who thinks Atlus is shipping Aigis and Makoto in the movies?MJ_Player6436/8 4:56AM
anyone happen to have a save for psn version near summer exams?smoky82046/6 10:36PM
I discovered Nyx Avatar's weaknessNora_Kirasagi46/3 5:57PM
Is this true?dark_aerith26/2 10:58PM
Once you're at Genius, Charismatic and Badass, is there any reason to buff more?OSB9586/1 6:06AM
replaying after some years away, and after playing p3p, pros/cons imoleeman310455/23 11:10PM
Beginner to the series, is the difficulty spikes expected?Applepieman45/12 12:21PM
One thing I dislike about this game..Sharebear42055/5 6:26PM
Arrrghhh sleeping take I hate you!skyzzyrd0164/25 5:50PM
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