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Do I have to progress Chariot S-link to gain access to Star? (Archived)closer01354/30/2008
Quest: Bring me a strong medicine... (Archived)MajinKaioshin34/30/2008
My game just arrived! (Archived)
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The perfect S.Link game... (Archived)
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son of a... (Archived)
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C/D: FES is your greatest game purchase ever? (Archived)Shui Gor84/30/2008
Tartarus is completely optional right? (Archived)
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"The Answer" Empyream 3rd Boss ***SPOILERS*** (Archived)Tethealla34/30/2008
Hard Mode Change Relic is ruining me... (Archived)Monster_in_Abox24/30/2008
summer festival question (Archived)eserikto34/30/2008
Anybody have the answers to the new elizabeths requests? Like the resin etc? (Archived)
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Elizabeth date requests? (Archived)drako699200064/30/2008
Quick New Game + Question (Archived)Nietono24/30/2008
Gahhhh. Help Me Choose? (Archived)
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What does stat like Charm, Academic, & Courage do? (Archived)blasster54/30/2008
How many hours do you play a day? (Archived)American_Eagle094/30/2008
need help no requests 84 and 83 (Archived)whiteashphoenix34/30/2008
if i were the MC, id be pissed (Archived)loffter24/30/2008
for those who loaded their previous P3 data into FES... (Archived)KRISTIN_KR3UK84/29/2008
Quests and extra scene with social links? (Archived)
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