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Which teams should I use?CodyTwoHottie64/19 6:28PM
Why do some people think Yukari is a skanky ho?bcmcl4d54/17 4:25AM
Can you do anything at Night once you've maxed stats and finished Devil/Tower?Subscriber010164/12 2:19PM
About the story, was this explained or a plot hole... SPOILERS
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Subscriber0101164/4 4:44PM
How easy is it to screw up maxing all S.links?KTBMedia73/27 7:57AM
What personas have enduring soul?1P453/27 5:24AM
Any way to NOT inherit MC's LV during NG+Subscriber010193/26 4:50PM
Some questions from a new playerAlonso_Dalton63/23 8:12PM
The ReaperBraveBBFan53/22 10:43AM
Just curious on this board -- do you play this on PS3 or 2?Subscriber010183/19 5:46PM
WTF is with this game's obsession with instant kills?1P4103/19 10:14AM
Any nice tips/tidbits for The Journey? And I have one to share of my ownSubscriber010123/17 2:02PM
What is the difference between this game, the original and the Portable game?gmace22103/7 10:06AM
So what makes Persona 4 better than 3? (No spoilers please!!)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
SaturnSnowman383/6 1:00AM
What's your opinion on The Answer?SaturnSnowman33/2 11:24AM
Help, I screwed up my Max S. Link runDemyX308732/29 6:22PM
Gem stone grindingCobraman22822/29 5:35PM
Replaying the game on Hard (P3P FMC route) and I'm getting destroyedCobraman22882/28 4:05AM
How do I gain courage in Tartarus?KTBMedia102/27 6:44PM
The Answer isn't as good....SaturnSnowman32/26 11:07AM
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