Narrowing Down Free 50 Choices

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Beforehand, I apologize for my super long essays about stuff. Rofl.

Alright so as some of you may know, I posted a thread asking what I could do classwise.

After some investigation, I listed Barbarian, Conqueror, Dark Templar, and Ranger. I also cited Guardian as a possible second choice, but I don't particularly want to tank so that's out. An addition which was brought up was the Herald of Xotli, which I have since played and found to be quite fun.

Having brought it down to Barbarian and Herald of Xotli, what am I looking at with these two? Is one superior to the other? Things seem much easier with my HoX at this point, but he's only level 10 or so. My Barb I can pull a bunch of lower level mobs, but if I get saddled with 2 or 3 mobs of my level or higher, I start to get beat up. My gear ain't great, so it's partially that... but gear isn't the biggest factor in this game, from what I understand.

What I'm really looking for is... basically, is one class straight up better than the other currently? Like Paladins in WoW... I'd recommend them to new players in a heartbeat, at any rate.

On the topic of the classes stricken from the list, here's why (for you classboys out there):

Conqueror: Most people say they're terrible when it comes to PvP and that they still need tweaking in PvE. Wondering if there's any truth to this... they seem like the DPS soldier, to be honest. But going on what the street talk is, not the class to free 50 with.

Dark Templar: Concensus is that they're gimp, but the new patch changed a bunch. Probably should wait a bit on deciding whether this class is cool or not. Thoughts'd be welcome.

Ranger: In my original post, I had heard they lose effectiveness after 50... which is where my char will be insta'ing to. So really, no reason there. If there's truth to this, I'd rather leave them out. Having played my older Ranger from around launch, I respecced and then messed around with him. Their DPS seems lacking... or something doesn't seem right, killing stuff is slow, in my opinion. Again, thoughts'd be appreciated.

Feel free to comment on anything above. They're not going to fix this for me so I've gotta be right the first time. Of the classes up above, it's really down to Barb or HoX, but I'm still interested in the others... and DT/Conq is purely off street talk as I don't have the time to play with them right now, but perhaps soon.

I apologize again, now, for my longwinded essays. Lol.
--Joe Rogan
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I think you got the wrong board, this is the 360 board, you're probably looking for the PC one.

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Damn, I hadn't noticed that. Clicked the wrong one then, thanks for bringing that to my attention. And thank God for copy and paste.
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