Grotto location map?

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6 years ago#1
Is there a map out there of the grotto locations? I have several maps where I can't find the grottos.

This info is not even in the stat guide
6 years ago#2
The search bar is your friend. It won't bite. Promise.
6 years ago#3
If you would look at his profile details he is a new poster thus can't use the search function yet ;)
6 years ago#4

From: aiRWaLKRe | #003
If you would look at his profile details he is a new poster thus can't use the search function yet ;)

New users can search
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6 years ago#5
There are also these things called FAQs. And below those are images of the maps.
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6 years ago#6
They were just posted yesterday. And they aren't as helpful as they could be, since you have to still look through each one to find the one you need, unless there's some way of identifying area for each map that I'm overlooking...
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6 years ago#7
Besides being able to search already on GFs, new users are always allowed to google........which is where you would find
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6 years ago#8
Yeah Zaraf should probably re-name them with their area names instead of numbers.
I didn't realize this was revived from yesterday, so I guess they most likely weren't up when this was asked.
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6 years ago#9
They ARE treasure maps, you gotta search a little. Even with zaraf's nice setup, you have to match up your map to the pictures. I don't know how he can make it easier.

The maps are not tied to zones - my level 3 map of the crimson something was on zaraf's area #6, and it was only my second map.

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6 years ago#10

Here is the map with all the locations in Japanese.
The original PNG file which located in "shineworks" was deleted by its owner so I can just share you this link which had the copy.

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