Can't beat the ragin contagion (spoilers)

#1DarkKitsune69Posted 9/24/2010 4:55:30 AM
My team

Minstrel level 14
Martial Artist level 12
Mage level 12.

I keep dying :(
Can someone help me out? Do i need to grind?
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#2foveroulaPosted 9/24/2010 5:01:37 AM
Grind a little more. make sure you have medicine to heal. Use CRACK spell Minstrel. If you have to EggOn yourself MC. Just keep healing the most powerful character, which is probably your minstrel. The mage will get hit bad.
#3zsabreuserPosted 9/24/2010 5:08:45 AM
Hah! I had the same party by then.. and this was indeed the first really hard battle.. I think I won with one of my conrades dead.
A good tip is to put the mage on the back row, always useful!
You can try killing a few Metal Slimes for exp, too!
#4haszadPosted 9/24/2010 5:47:07 AM
get a priest and grind on 4 metal slimes until your team looks like this.
ministrel lv.17
mage lv.14
martial artist lv.15
priest lv.10
give each of them gooey garbs (3 slime drops + garish garb) grind on she slimes if you have to.
#5RSmit(Moderator)Posted 9/24/2010 9:12:25 AM
From: foveroula
If you have to EggOn yourself MC.

You can't Egg On yourself, only another member of your party.

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#6foveroulaPosted 9/24/2010 10:28:09 PM
ha ha @RSmit sorry was gamed out when I replied. I meant use MC to eggon the MA. ha ha silly me bad.

#7Salah1981Posted 9/24/2010 10:46:24 PM
Always easier to have a 4th party member. Go with a Priest as suggested.
#8fawful_XPosted 9/25/2010 3:16:11 AM
I used a similar party suggested for killing RC, and the trick is to abuse spells. The best plan of action is to double sap, then have your MA and MC attack, but only MC if his/her MP supply is too low to use Crack.
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#9Dran1029Posted 9/27/2010 9:02:28 AM
he's pretty easy too so you need to train more, my team was
MC minstrel
martial artist
all around lvl 13
no weapon masteries either lol >XD im maxing out special skills first, but yea theres no excuse for only having 3 ppl unless ur doing a single char playthru, fight metal slimes like crazy
#10Nickcool1996Posted 9/27/2010 11:25:47 AM
My team was the MC, and three Warriors at probably lv. 14,then descending 12.

It was easy, but then I lost to the next boss >_>
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