Dragon Quest XI

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6 years ago#1

I bet you they are going to make it into an online MMORPG like Final Fantasy XI.

There's huge money in MMORPGs, and Dragon Quest is such a popular series in Japan there would be no reason not too.

And if by chance XI turns out to be another Single Player game, I bet you between XII - XVI one of them will be made into an MMORPG.

6 years ago#2
oh God I hope not.
6 years ago#3
Just play that DBZ mmo when it comes out. The Toriyama character style is like Dragon Quest, same guy after all. Just pretend that when you're flying around that you're using Zoom.

I want the next DQ game to be like DQ8, personally - traditional rpg on a console w/ beautiful music and graphics.
6 years ago#4
I've heard that there will be a DQ mmo, however, I haven't heard whether it'll be numbered. I wouldn't bet on it, but how many people would have said the same thing about DQ9 being on DS? Anyway, I thought that this would be a DS mmo sort of thing at first, but I guess that ain't true.
Lost Abysi author
6 years ago#5
If they do make a DQ mmo they might not make it part of the main series. They might call it "Dragon Quest Online" or some such. If I were a betting man I'd take you up on that bet, except for the fact that I may have to wait 20 years to collect my money when DQ16 comes out. I mean, I may as well say that DQ will eventually be a fighting game, and it will happen between DQ11 and DQ48
has mad skeelz
6 years ago#6
Dragon Quest is enough of a grind already.
God has a plan.
God's plan needs an autistic 6-year-old to look it over and point out the flaws.

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