What are the best weapons for each class?

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6 years ago#1

Currently in my party I am using a priest, a mage, and a martial artist. I like this party a lot. For the hero I use swords, for the priest I am using wands, for the mage wands, and for the martial artist claws. The hero and martial artist are the pure physical damagers, the priest is my buffer and healer, and the mage is my magical attacker. The priest came with a staff, but I put a wand him for the wand's skill tree abilitys. What are the best weapons for each of the classes? Also, Im up to the part where u just enter coffinwell. How much longer till I can change jobs?

6 years ago#2
Not sure about the best weapons but after Coffinwell is when you can change classes.
6 years ago#3
You should use spears for priest
6 years ago#4

Why should I use spears for priests? Priests use magic and healing, so why would I use a weapon for physical attacks?

6 years ago#5
Because when you grind or whatever your priest can do no damage at all since Priest doesn't have a single damaging skill unless the wand can use a spell.
I love that the priest can have spear, easier to kill metal slimes later on aswell with the critical skill.
6 years ago#6
It's all based on opinion....so, imo,no......priest should be using Wand so it can boost your mp and since most priest will become sage eventually. having a high strength priest kinda unbalance them. Your choice.
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6 years ago#7
My priest is a spear user loli. She doesn't hit hard but it's better than using a not-so-useful wand in my opinion.
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6 years ago#8
def go with spear, you shouldn't be healing every fight anyway, and mana isn't a large enough problem to call for the low mana regen and low attack from using wands

just use an inn after every section of game, don't heal someone when they are down 10 hp, and you'll be fine with mana.

Spear makes him way more useful in a fight.
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6 years ago#9
Priests can still do decent damage with spears. Heck, they might be the best user of the initial skill as they only lose 2-3 damage. Finishing off enemies faster means less damage, when means you don't have to heal as much.

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6 years ago#10
My priest is using a Bo Staff. Just for that Kung Fu action.
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