quest 104

#1Hinatachan18Posted 7/17/2010 12:23:43 PM
I'm trying to find Unscrupus maximus to start quest 104 and it says to go "east of hermany on the small island" but i dont know where hermany even is anyone able to help?
#2SatanManofPeacePosted 7/17/2010 12:27:39 PM
What says that? He's on the island next to Swinedimples. Just look on YOUR WORLD MAP.
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The guy who tells you to FIND unscrupulus says it idiot. Oh and I'd like to know what version of the game that you have that says "QUEST 104 HERE" because mine doesn't oh but thanks for being a jerk
#5SatanManofPeacePosted 7/17/2010 12:41:08 PM
So, who tells you about him? I already answered your question but you can choose not to read. Your choice.
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*double post*
The version I have is the US. I did this amazing thing called exploring and used my brain. I found many great things. Sorry I don't need hand holding.
#7Hinatachan18(Topic Creator)Posted 7/17/2010 12:51:43 PM
then why are you using the boards just to be a jerk? oh you're assuming i did NOT try exploring oh and in response to not reading the answer like I said the guy in the abbey who GAVE you the gladiator job. And I found the island but that doesn't change that you do NOT need to be a total dick when replying to people. Some people ask questions not because we want hand holding or because we're idiots but because we are STUCK oh wait but I bet you've never been stuck in any game in existence and probably beat every game you get in 5 minutes because you're just that good right?
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oh but wait mr. I explored and found everything and don't need hand holding, How come you didn't know that and had to ASK?
#9Flowless899Posted 7/17/2010 12:56:26 PM
hinata was most likely quoting something from an FAQ, and that NPC is on the island east of the continent swinedimple is on.

Take your boat over there and look around on the southeast shoreline. It's somewhere around there, I can't be too exact, but I know which one you are talking about. I was doing that quest a few days ago.
#10SatanManofPeacePosted 7/17/2010 1:00:07 PM
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