Assistance with Level 15 warrior Quest

#1antiantismokingPosted 7/20/2010 2:58:13 PM
I recently got the warrior quest where you are tasked with getting two enemies mad at you then finishing them with a critical. My questions are: what actions/skills will piss off an enemy (ex: slime is enraged! He only has eyes for....), what enemies should I fight and what are the best methods of getting criticals?
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Fight enemies that come in big groups (most small mobs) and whistle at them, that has a chance to enrage them.
Then pray for a crit.

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you need Whistle(piss off an enemy ) and Luck(criticals)
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If you can stand waiting, you can do this easily in the cave in Upover. There are some enemies there that get angry if you do anything to them automatically.
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this is one of those things that will come naturally through the game, especially in grottos and with a paladin.

The paladins coup de grace enrages all enemies, then just hope for crits.
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After a monster is enraged, can anyone get the crit, or just the person they're enraged at?
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Howdo you learn whistle?

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From: Sindayven | Posted: 7/23/2010 5:51:45 AM | #006
After a monster is enraged, can anyone get the crit, or just the person they're enraged at?

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"Whistle" is in the "Courage" skill set for the "Warrior" vocation. Also, using auto critical attacks like "Thunder Thrust" (for spears) and "Hatchet Man" (for axes) don't count. The only way to boost your chances of landing a critical hit are raising "Deftness" by either equipping good gloves that boost it, change someone else into a higher "Deftness" vocation. Those would be "Martial Artist", "Thief", and "Ranger". I managed to get it fairly easily, I planned ahead to have a critical happy fighter using "Fisticuffs". You just need a "Warrior" to accept the quest, you don't even need "Whistle" because enemies can become enraged after certain actions anyway(but it makes the quest so much faster). Also, the "Warrior" in the group does NOT need to land the killing critical. Not only that, I think "Whistle" only really works on certain types of enemies. I know this sounds weird, but from my usage of the ability, it only succeeds with living enemy types with ears. I have tried it on "Undead" and "Material" types with no luck, and only some success with "Dragon" and "Slime" types, but it seems to work best on "Humanoid" and "Beast" types the most often. Hope this helps.
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Does the warrior coup de gras crit count as well?
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